15W 芯片 (12V/1.5A) BMUST030X


Compliant with WPC V1.2.4 MP wireless charger standards

Support SAMSUNG SFC( fast charger) protocol

Embedded High-speed MCU core, Multichannels High speed PWM

12bits high precise ADC, Communication demodulation

Input voltage 5V/9V/12V with QC3.0 protocol

Power delivery up to 15                           

High efficiency up to 83

Dynamic power limited

Double FOD (Foreign object detection)



WPC V1.2.4 compliant wireless charger

Mobile and Smart Phones

Hand-held Devices transmitter

Hermetically and Tools

Cars and Other Vehicles transfer

Tabletop Charge Surfaces

Power bank etc.



Figure BMUST030X TSSOP20 pinout


1. HS high sink capability.

2. (T) True open drain (P-buffer and protection diode to VDD not implemented).

3. [ ] Alternate function remapping option (If the same alternate function is shown twice, it indicates an exclusive choice not a duplication of the function).