7.5W 芯片 (9V/1.1A) BMUST030X


• Compliant with WPC V1.2.4 MP wireless charger standards

• Support SAMSUNG SFC( fast charger) protocol

• Embedded High-speed MCU core, Multichannels High speed PWM

• 12bits high precise ADC, Communication demodulation

• Input voltage 5V/9V with QC3.0 protocol 

• Power delivery up to 7.5W/10W          

• High efficiency up to 83

• Dynamic power limited

• Double FOD (Foreign object detection)



• WPC V1.2.4 compliant wireless charger

• Mobile and Smart Phones

• Hand-held Devices transmitter

• Hermetically and Tools

• Cars and Other Vehicles transfer

• Tabletop Charge Surfaces

• Power bank etc.






Figure BMUST030X-7.5W TSSOP20 pinout


1. HS high sink capability.

2. (T) True open drain (P-buffer and protection diode to VDD not implemented).

3. [ ] alternate function remapping option (If the same alternate function is shown twice, it indicates an

exclusive choice not a duplication of the function).